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- Welcome to Oreno Yakiniku -
Grill delicious meats, seafood, and vegetables yourself right at your table.. cooked the way you like! Tasty variety of prepared seasoned & marinated meats ready for grilling, as well as our menu of cooked dishes to enjoy. A fun dining experience to enjoy with friends & family!
- Tuesday to Sunday -
11:30am to Last Order 2:00pm
- Tuesday to Thursday -
5:30pm to Last Order 10:00am
- Friday -
5:30pm to Last Order 11:00pm
- Saturday -
5:00pm to Last Order 11:00pm
- Sunday -
5:00pm to 10:00pm
For Groups & Reservations
Call Us!
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- Weller Court - 3rd Floor - Little Tokyo -
- (213) 680-0829   -   123 S Onizuka St, Ste 308, Los Angeles, CA 90012 -
俺の焼肉 Oreno Yakiniku Japanese Bar-B-Cue
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